Denver Feed A Family Thanksgiving Distribution

The Legacy Continues - In honor of "Daddy" Bruce

Saturday, November 17, 2018



How do I sign up?

   There are two ways to sign up. You may come in to Epworth and complete a nomination, or you can click on the "Nominate a Family" button above, and complete a nomination. GETTING NOMINATED FOR A BASKET DOES NOT GUARANTEE YOU WILL RECEIVE A BASKET. We have a limited quantity of baskets to distribute. Not everyone who is nominated will receive a card in the mail for a basket.

Can I sign someone else up?

   Yes, you may nominate families other than your own.  ONLY ONE BASKET PER ADDRESS.


I am a volunteer.  Do I automatically get a basket?

   No.  You need to sign up separately for a basket.


Where are you located?

1865 Bruce Randolph Ave., at the corner of 34th Ave. and High Streets. 


There are two families living at my house.  Can both families get a basket?

   No, only one basket is allowed per household.


I received a basket last year, do I need to sign up again?

   Yes, each year we begin with a new list of nominees.


I receive food from Epworth’s food bank, do I need to sign up for a basket or will I be sent a card for a basket?

  The food bank database and the Thanksgiving database are different. You will need to register for a Thanksgiving basket.


How will I be notified if I am to receive a basket?

  Cards will be mailed to recipients beginning in early November.  If you have not received a card by November 17th, please call 303.296.6287.



daddy loves you